EMF Protection 101: Understanding and Choosing the Right Products

EMF Protection 101

What is EMF Radiation?

EMF radiation stands for Electromagnetic Field Radiation.

EMF radiation has emerged as a pressing concern in the health and wellness sphere. A growing number of individuals are recognizing the potential wellness implications of EMF. Despite the lack of comprehensive long-term studies, many are unwilling to overlook this potential risk.

EMF radiation can be split into two distinct sub-categories: ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation.

Inionising radiation is the nasty kind; think Chornobyl and Fukushima. This type of radiation smashes atoms to bits and causes pretty bad things to us biologically. Ionising radiation comes from Gamma Rays and X-rays, for example.

Non-ionising radiation is ubiquitous and comes from cell towers, digital devices, WIFI and Bluetooth sources. These types of radio frequency radiation (RF) exist all around us and are the types of electromagnetic radiation people are starting to become concerned about.

This article is only concerned with discussing non-ionising radiation, as these can be managed without medical devices such as lead aprons and fall-out suits. The health effects of electromagnetic radiation are currently understudied and we need to see more conclusive evidence on their potential harm to humans before making firm conclusions. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation is inevitable in one form or another by simply being alive.

Common Sources of EMF Radiation Inside the Home

EMF-Emitting Appliances Inside Your Home

When it comes to understanding and choosing the right form of EMF shielding, it's important to know what is emitting potentially harmful EMF radiation in our homes.

All electrical devices plugged into a wall power outlet will emit some form of EMF radiation. This can range from harmless ELF radiation all the way up to so-called “dirty electricity”. These devices exist in all modern homes and range from devices such as kettles, hair dryers, and even fridges.

Electronic devices that connect to the internet also emit large amounts of EMF waves. Your router is the prime source of non-ionising radiation in the home as it constantly emits WIFI signals, which is a type of radio-frequency radiation. Any device that connects to the internet will also be a beacon of RF radiation.

Cellular networks are also a type of EMF radiation found in the home. Cellular networks such as 4G and 5G are types of RF radiation that connect cell phones to cellular networks to transfer data. This means they carry large amounts of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Being constantly near your body means the exposure levels are often cumulatively high.

Bluetooth radiation is another form of EMF radiation found inside the home. It is a short-range EMF that allows devices to “talk” to each other. Cellphones, laptops, and TV remotes are often powered by Bluetooth. 

Common Sources of EMF Radiation Outside the Home 

Common sources of EMF outside of your home

The benefit of managing EMF exposure inside the home is that you can control the levels if you live in a house. If you live in an apartment, you will be exposed to higher levels of EMR as your unit will allow your close neighbors EMF radiation to seep into your unit, intensifying the EMF levels.

Being outside the home, especially in big connected cities, can make it challenging to manage EMF levels. All the sources found inside the house can be found outside and at varying levels. Cell towers are another large source of EMF radiation outside the home.

Additional EMR sources outside the home include 5G towers and power lines, which can bring you closer to this understudied EMF source.

What is EMF Radiation Protection?

Turn your phone off while you sleep

If you are concerned about the potential impact of EMF radiation, it's a good idea to consider taking precautionary steps to mitigate any potential long-term risk.

This is where EMF Protection comes into play. We are not talking about medical devices aimed at ionising radiation here, rather products that help shield against non-ionising radiation, such as WIFI, Bluetooth and cellular networks.

EMF protection comes in many forms, such as products that effectively stop electric fields radiation in its path through mitigation strategies such as turning off your WIFI before bed and switching off your phone while you sleep.

How Does EMF Protection Work?

EMF protection fabric

EMF protection products work by blocking or reducing levels of non-ionising radiation from reaching your body.

The best EMF protection products use silver fabric across a four-layering method to effectively shield RF radiation, such as cellular networks, WIFI and Bluetooth. These products absorb and dissipate the EMF radiation away from your body, giving you greater peace of mind when managing a world of EMFs.

Types of EMF Radiation Protection Products


There are many ways to effectively block EMF radiation if you adopt a mitigation strategy. Below are the top 5 EMF protection products you need in your toolbox.

1. EMF Radiation Blocking Air Tubes

When listening to your favorite music or podcast, you allow RF radiation to pass through the earphones and into your head. If you are using wireless buds to listen to music, you are exposing yourself to a lot of Bluetooth radiation, a form of non-ionising EMF. Exposure to EMF from your favorite music will no longer be an issue with this product.

To eliminate this from happening, the best option is to use EMF Radiation Blocking Air Tubes. These Air Tubes have a hollow tube that passes up to your ears. The product works by switching the RF signal to an acoustic signal, eliminating RF radiation from reaching your ears.

2. EMF Radiation Blocking Laptop Mats

Using a laptop on your lap has been known for years to be a bad idea. The heat and EMF radiation emitted from the laptop are directly placed on your body, bringing you closer to the radiation source.

EMF Radiation Blocking Laptop Mats sit below your laptop and block the EMF radiation from reaching your lap. They also work well at dissipating heat radiation making your laptop work a far more enjoyable and safer experience. You will no longer have to worry about potential harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation when using EMF Radiation Blocking Laptop Mats.

3. EMF Radiation Blocking Baseball Hats

As we have advised, EMR outside the home is also an issue and can even be more ubiquitous than inside your house. By wearing an EMF Radiation Blocking Baseball Hat or EMF Radiation Blocking Beanie, you can shield your head from RF radiation from cellphone towers, 5G towers and Bluetooth radiation. Wearing one of these on a long-haul flight or in a shopping mall where EMF radiation levels may be very high would also be a good idea.

4. EMF Radiation Blocking Blankets

When sleeping or watching TV we can expose ourselves unknowingly to a lot of EMF radiation. By using an EMF Radiation Blocking Blanket you can cover almost all of your body whilst watching your favorite TV shows, whilst at work or when travelling on aircraft.

5. EMF Radiation Blocking Pillowcases

When sleeping, which if you are doing it right is 8 hours per night, we can be exposed to EMF radiation. A great solution is to turn off your cellphone or turn it to airplane mode to minimise cellular network radiation. If you cannot do this or live in an apartment, you can always use an EMF Radiation Blocking Pillowcase to block RF radiation while you sleep.

What EMF Protection Products Do I Need?

If EMF shielding interests you, then it's essential to figure out what sources of EMR you are exposed to first. Once you know this, from looking around your home and your outside environment, you can start adding products to your repertoire to effectively shield yourself from these sources.

It is also worth adding that Harmonising Stickers, which have gained popularity in recent years, do not work to block EMF, but instead create a more harmonised environment for the user by releasing more negative charge into the atmosphere. This is also a fantastic product and highly recommended by many wellness experts.

BON CHARGE Harmonizing Sticker


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